• Kind regards, family Branse.

    We would like to say thanks to the real estate agency for selling our properties. The seeling process was quick, with no troubles for us. We have seen realy pleasant and professional approach of brothers Roman and Peter Hamor. There was a problem, which arised a bank of buyer, but the brothers solved the problem to our satisfaction very quickly and excellently. We are glad that we chose only this real estate agency. We would like to recommend this agency to any potential customers.
  • Family Pastorek, Malé Tatry, Ružomberok

    We are shortly married. We had an opportunity to get some money from government but we were restricted by a date. We stopped by in a real estate agency. They talked with us about the conditions and we were looking for a real estate. We found a suitable real estateaccording to our financial limits. We had to wait 90 days for the government to reply. Therefore we want to thank the real estate agency for help and patience.
  • Viliam Mariáš, I. Houdeka, Ružomberok

    I am an older man and do not know how it goes with selling a real estate. Therefore I asked a real estate agency for help. I was selling a cottage in Likavka. I left them the keys and I trusted them. They always called me and told me they went there with a client. When they found a buyer, they did all the paperwork for me.
  • Klukoš, Ružomberok

    I would like to thank the real estate agency Alpia. They helped me a lot with the sale of my land. The transaction took place very quickly. I am very satisfied. Thank you.
  • Floreán Karol, Bratislava

    I wanted to sell a cottage in Zázrivá. Because I am an older man and I do not know how it goes in this business, I contacted Mr. Hámor. I did not want to get screwed by cheaters. He did everything for me.
  • Gašparovci, Smreková, Kľačno

    We were desperately looking for a smaller flat instead of our one bedroom flat. Therefore we contacted the employees of a real estate agency Alpia for help in selling our current flat in Kľačno and at the same time to find a bachelor flat outside of this settlement. In a short time they offered us a bachelor flat, but that one did not fulfil our expectations. Second offered flat we took and at the same time they sold our one bedroom flat and we really appreciate the synchronisation of both of these transactions.
  • Ing. Ján Sisik, Lubeník, county Revúca

    I found a three bedroom flat on internet that fullfil my needs. Because I am not from Ružomberok, and I was getting my mortgage in my hometown Revúca, the agency helped me with this problem and arranged the whole transaction to my satisfaction.
  • Family Mišovie, Plavisko, Ružomberok

    We had a real estate- small hut near Liptovská Osada. We offered it to the real estate agency Alpia. They found a client, who came from Žilina, and had a loan from there. Real estate agency communicated with a bank in Žilina and did all the paperwork as well. We only came in to sign the agreements and bill of sale and we got the money transferred to our account.
  • Ondrej Glemba, A. Bernoláka, Ružomberok

    I tried to sell my garden hut for a half year. I did it on my own and had lot of people coming an looking at it. They all promised to buy it but never showed up again. Finally, I went to the real estate agency Alpia. I did not hope that it would be sold in a year, but I was wrong. They contacted me, that they have clients, who like the hut out of pictures. After seeing it, they were convinced to buy it and the whole transaction took place within one month. The agency did all the paperwork.
    Thank you.
  • Karol Starovský, Š. Moyzesa, Ružomberok

    I heard from my friends that real estate agency Alpia helped to sell their three bedroom flat. That is why I turned to them with my two bedroom flat that I wanted to sell. In a very short time (one week) the agency found a client who fulfilled our needs. The whole transaction took place without complications.
  • Lenka Klásková, Veterná, Ružomberok

    I was looking on internet a two bedroom flat that would meet my ideas (financial, location). I found this kind of flat in an offer by the real estate agency Alpia. After a personal meeting and a visual inspection we chose to buy this flat. Our problem was that we needed to sell our one bed room flat in order to be able to buy the two bedroom flat. The agency helped us and arranged so called double transaction. In two days, one of my friends contacted us that she wanted to buy the one bedroom flat and agency did all the paperwork. This way I want to thank them.
  • Emília Blahušiaková, Bystrická cesta, Ružomberok

    I had a bachellor flat. I did not decide whether to rent or sell it. Then I decided to sell it and stopped by in a real estate agency. We went to the flat and they immediately took pictures of it and the we talked about my demands. The very next day they went to the flat with clients. After paying a deposit, the transaction took place within two weeks. They helped the client with a loan as well. We thank them very much.
  • Želmíra Kurillová, Stredné Revúce, Liptovské Revúce

    Our family inherited a house. Me and my four siblings decided to sell this house. First, we wanted a higher price but after a suggestion from Mr. Hámor we lowered the price and the real estate agency Alpia found a buyer. The buyer tool a mortgage on the house and the agency helped him with that as well. After paying a deposit, the transaction took place within three weeks. We thank the agency for a professional approach in selling our house.
  • Anna Bobuľová, Zárevúca, Ružomberok

    I saw on advertising boards that the real estate agency Alpia is looking to buy a garden hut for their client. So I offered them mine. Immediately after I contacted them they came, took pictures, made a description. Within a week they called me and told me that the cliend already paid a deposit. Because of the fact that the client had cash, the transaction took place within a week. Thank you very much.
  • Ivana Baranová, Š. Moyzesa, Ružomberok

    My name is Ivana Baranová. I chose a flat that was offered by a real estate agency Alpia on their website. After finding out that the owner of the house lives in United States of America, I have to say I was worried that I lose my money. They reassured me and to top it all of, they arranged the authorization forms from USA, which sped the whole transaction. Actually, I paid the money after I held the flat in my possesion. The whole time the agency was professional and I thank them very much for that.
  • Mgr. Timková Milada, Mostová, Ružomberok

    Hámor brothers from the real estate agency Alpia helped us with the purchase of our flat. They did a very good work and we wanted to thank them by telling prospective clients about the way they work.
    Our case was complicated. The real estate we wanted to purchase had four successors and one of them was a minor. Because of that reason, the bill of sale had to go through the court. More over in the process we changed our bank, so the bills of sale had to go through the court twice. Whem it seemed that the whole process is over, some changes in joint areas took place which meant that the bill of sale also needed to be adjusted.
    The agency was able to speed up the process that would take place for several months. The agency has good connections and know the instituitions that take place in a process of a purchase of any real estate.
    We were surprised that the price of the real estate on advertisements was the final price of that real estate. There is no add on. The only thing we needed to pay were the fee stamps. During the whole process of the purchase, from the moment they showed us the first flat, through the selection of a bank and also at the time we signed the aggreements, the agency informed us about all the options we had, but they left all the decision making on us.
    They showed their proffessionalism day to day. For example, when we were interested in a real estate and we had a look on it, they did not show it to anybody else until we told them we were not interested in it.
    We do not know about Alpia´s competition, but in any case, this real estate agency appeared serious, fast effective and able to solve a complicated case like ours.

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